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Bechara Auto Parts is a distinction Lebanese company was founded in 1983, and it works in the field of importing and replacing cars auto parts.

Since its inception, it has preserved the reputation of its product in terms of quality and efficiency.

Initially, the company specialized in auto parts of cars Mercedes and BMW. A few years later, Bechara worked on developing and expanding the scope through contract agreements with European companies such as Bosch, Bilstein, and others.

After being on the right track, the company increased its branches to achieve wide coverage within the city and formed various lines of services and goods in order to meet the largest possible number of customers.

Through its direct contact with customers Bechara Auto Parts has gained experience to know the customer’s need and demand for goods.

On a larger scale, the company worked to advance its goods and services to all garages and small establishments in order to move towards a wide broader and comprehensive coverage within Lebanon.

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