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JANMOR Company Ltd. is a world-class supplier of the ignition systems for automotive industry.

The Company was created in 1987 - since then we have been well-known as the manufacturer of the ignition cables for all possible brands of vehicles.

The production and the sales of the ignition cables is a basic area of our activity. Ignition coils, single and combined, which are classified by us in a form of more than 300 references, are supplementing our offer of ignition wires. World OEM manufacturers are suppliers of the ignition coils which we offer to our customers, of which the production encounters first factory assembly. We are proud of the fact, that our offer of the ignition systems is one of widest in Europe, and also, for sure in Poland. What's more - our store isn't virtual, because we have all assortment positions available "right away, off hand".

The ignition cables manufactured by us are offered in two basic types depending on raw material used: ProLine line - wires in insulations and silicone shields - are accessible in the best raw material version and are practically true copy of the original ignition bundles, and EcoLine line - wires in EPDM insulations and shields - economic version, developed specially, as a reply on particular demand of some of our customers.



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Showing 1 - 20 of 59 items