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Behr Hella Service is a joint venture by the two companies Behr and Hella. It was created in November 2005 for the purpose of jointly covering the global independent aftermarket for vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. Behr and Hella each have a 50% share in the joint venture. 

Responsible for the management of the company is Gerwin Vilain, as well as Jürgen Laucher, who continues to serve as Managing Director of Behr Service GmbH*.
Behr Hella Service is therefore a logical further development of the previous cooperation between the two companies in the area of climate control and front-end modules within the OE business. The joint venture was initially active in the European independent automotive aftermarket and has in the meantime successfully established itself in the international aftermarket in numerous markets such as South America, NAFTA and Asia-Pacific.

Thanks to the good market positions of Behr and Hella, the company is one of the leading suppliers in the field of thermal management. Its customers include automotive parts outlets, wholesaler groups, independent dealers, as well as specialists in the field of vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. The international Hella sales organization is a preferred distribution partner and undertakes comprehensive support of its customers.


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